So you'd like to be featured in Lavish Bath Box?
We are always looking for great new vendors to feature. Please fill out the following form and we will get back to you shortly!
Lavish Bath Box boxes are themed each month and contain 6-7 full sized bath and body items each. The theme weighs heavily on the items purchased each month and are usually planned out a couple months in advance. 

We like to call ourselves a "discovery box" and feature brands, not just products - hoping to drive more sales directly back to you! We recently surveyed our subscribers and found that near 70% of them had purchased a separate order with a vendor featured after receiving that brand in a box. 

Our reach also does go past just our subscribers as we are featured on popular blogs, youtube channels, and have our own social media following of around 4K. Our Newsletter also puts us in the inboxes of (currently) 3K email subscribers. We use all of these mediums to not only sell our subscription but also to sell the companies we feature.

What is the name of your business? *

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What is your instagram handle?

A lot of our shopping is done through Instagram so let us follow you so we can keep an eye on your products!
What type of items do you sell? *

Do you do custom orders/items? *

Have you done wholesale or bulk orders in the past? *

Do you offer vegan friendly items or vegan alternative? *

We try our very best to be eco-conscious when buying - what are ways in which your shop and/or the ingredients you use fall into that mindset?

Is there anything else about your business that you think we should know?

Shipping durability and presentation is very important to us. How do you package your products? *

Would you be willing to alter your usual packaging if there was a need? *

*We require all bath bombs and bubble bars to be sealed and shrink wrapped.
Unlike some traditional resellers, our margins are incredibly tight, so we aim to purchase items for better than wholesale prices if at all possible. The payoff being the exposure in a subscription box can be a great marketing strategy and we really do feel like our vendors are family!

Are you able to negotiate lower than wholesale pricing? (wholesale typically being at least 50% off retail) *

What kind of price point can you offer? *

$ or % off retail
How much lead time is needed for order placement & delivery of most items. Keeping in mind our orders are currently running around 300 units. *

If you can link to your linesheet or product catalogue leave it here.

Is there anything else we should know or are there any questions we can answer when we respond? *

Thank you so much for your interest in being in Lavish Bath Box. It is our mission to feature awesome brands and get them in the hands of customers who may not have been able to discover them otherwise. We will review the information you have sent us and someone will get back to you when we can. If you haven't heard from us, don't worry - we refer back to these applications OFTEN and usually pick products often based on the monthly theme so we may be waiting for the perfect opportunity to contact you about a particular product in the future.

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